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Esther and other delights

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I was born in Lil Rock, had a childhood sweetheart.

I like it when Tommy Lee Jones speaks Spanish.
1950s, alfred hitchcock, all that jazz, alla nazimova, amy sedaris, anthropomorphic food, arch hall jr., baltimore, batman, biba, bitches and money, bjork, blackboard jungle, blythe, bob fosse, bruce springsteen, btvotd, buddy holly, carla bozulich, carmen miranda, charles laughton, charlie hong kong, christmas jews, desperately seeking susan, diamanda galas, diana ross, diane arbus, dolly parton, elis regina, elvis, fake cakes, fashion flatsy, fernando valenzuela, flannery o'connor, friday night lights, funny tattoos, gary lee boas, george segal, goldie hawn, googie, gossip, groucho marx, gwen, high school confidential, hitchschlock, hollywood, hollywood babylon, hour of the wolf, hungry hungry hippos, ira levin, irma vep, jack fascinato, jack lemmon, jane birkin, jerry lee lewis, jodie foster, jodorowsky, john waters, jolt cola, josh brolin, judy garland, julie london, ken anger, kim novak, knott's berry farm, lalo schifrin, lana turner, les baxter, lhasapoos, liz phair, liz renay, lolita, los angeles, mac, madonna, maria callas, marianne faithfull, marlon brando, martin denny, mason reese, medium cool, milk glass, mimosas, my pet monster, nancy drew, nars, neon jesus, neon owls, now voyager, nylon, owl cupcakes, palm trees, pam grier, peyton place, pink lady and jeff, plastic, popeye, prince, quentin tarantino, rc cola, records for birds, red lipstick, rene ricard, robert forster, robert frank, robert rodriguez, roxette, roy scheider, saw music, secobarbitol, shampoo, sharon tate, sheila e, sid haig, sonny chiba, sparks, suicidal tendencies, susie sad eyes, taffy sinclair, teamsters, teenagers from space, the adolescents, the astronettes, the barry sisters, the bizarre, the boss, the chan clan, the color pink, the cult, the devil's rejects, the dirt, the geraldine fibbers, the kennedys, the meteors, thelma ritter, thighs and whispers, ticonderoga pencils, tight white collar, tina turner's mustache, tiny tim, tracey emin, tura satana, valley of the dolls, vanity six, vertigo, vivian vance, x, zodiac club, zombie comanches, zombie nazis