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Apr. 6th, 2008


I really, really hurt my back.

In 24 hours

I'll be on spring break.


Barrios, send me some shroom growing ideas.
Maria, I am sorry I didn't get back to you sooner. I will come down during break and give you sushi.
Vanessa, happy bday bday bday!

Death Proof is kinda growing on me. I hated it when I saw it in the theater.

Thanks, Death Proof.

I, too, am Death Proof.

everybody's got a hungry heart

I look awful. This is not fishing for a compliment. This is a statement of fact. Even one of my professors remarked that I might need a little sleep. This is your fault, sir. Thanks for colluding with your professor pals in the department, making everything due in the same three days. I have to crank out nine pages right now after spending the last fourteen hours on campus. I've been sick since Thursday and I finally got some antibiotics today.

The only force keeping me relatively sane is Springsteen. My current Boss fixation centers around one key idea: how can someone who CLEARLY doesn't have a problem getting laid write such killer jams about rejection, frustration, and union-busting?

Top 10 Boss Songs:

10. Drive All Night
09. Glory Days
08. Highway Patrolman
07. His cover of Edwin Starr's "War" (live, of course)
06. Thunder Road
05. Tunnel of Love
04. Human Touch
03. Spirit in the Night
02. Badlands
01. Darkness on the Edge of Town

Tickets, dude. We need tickets.


Originally uploaded by mondoglamo

Sunday Morning

Thank you Rhoda Morgenstern, I woke up in a good mood. Yesterday, I was in the car at 6 a.m. on my way to take the graduate writing proficiency exam. The test itself was a snap. Afterwards, I went to Build-a-Bear Workshop and made my mudda (that's Queens-speak for mother) a goofy bear in a poodle skirt and saddle shoes. Clearly, I did more with the rest of the day, but I took a couple xanax and forgot about it. Oh, I redecorated the fish tank and made Halloween cupcakes. Today will be devoted to my major Sunday rituals: getting my hair washed, getting my nails filled and airbrushed, and shopping at the 99 Cent Store.

Also, check today's paper. There is a 50% off any item coupon at Michael's. Score!

P.S. how much are the Emmy Awards going to blow tonight? Two and a Half Men? I've never met ANYONE who has ever copped to watching that shit.

When in doubt....

Thursday, I stopped by the animal shelter to renew Mr. B's license and in a moment of total "blind-sided by cuteness", I adopted ANOTHER DOG. Her name is Molly and she's a chihweenie (chihuahua/dachshund mix) with cut vocal cords. We pick her up tomorrow and even though I have class until 8 p.m., I planned a tiny tea party for her so she could introduce herself properly to the Mystery Beast (Mr. B.) Of course, I spent the weekend personalizing a hideously tacky dog bag for her, buying her a dachshund-appropriate pea coat, and swiffering every possible surface of the apartment.

After punching myself in the head a few times for giving in to my massive do-gooder maternal urges, I somehow acquired this weird remorseless senility and BOUGHT A DAMN BETA FISH. Her name is Gladys and she just needed to break free from the Petsmart constraints. She'll have a tattoo and a boyfriend named Sharky within a few weeks. Trust.

This is definitely a reaction to Heather's scheduled c-section this week and my flaming lunatic schedule. Every minute I'm not at school this week, I'm either working, grading papers, attending ridiculous honor society meetings, or weeping...and going to temple because I am a Jew and that's what Jews do.

The girls (Blythe sisters, Genevieve and Emily) have been keeping me in stitches...in so many ways, man. I set up the sewing machine and started constructing a few dresses when I noticed that the episode of the Twilight Zone was on the tube, the episode where the DOLL KILLS PEOPLE. AARRGH. Luckily, I had so much cutesy material from Saturday's Methodist rummage sale, I could easily tame the girls' criminal urges with faaashhion.

A couple current projects: Ventura County Animal Regulation is in dire need of feeding/water bowls and dog blankets. I loaded up a bag of metal dog bowls and fleece baby blankets from Target and the 99-cent store and dropped it off. If you have some time, please help them out. You don't want puppies and kitties to freeze, right? Swing by 600 Aviation Drive in Camarillo. It's right next to the airport.

I also noticed that I was wasting a lot of toys and doll supplies while I was creating a wardrobe for my girls and going thrift crazy. Project Understanding in Ventura needs toys for homeless and at-risk boys and girls. I'm loading up all of my dolly spares and board games and taking them to ProjUn at 43 E. Vince Street off of Ventura Avenue. If you want to donate, let me know.

Not-so-charitable projects: screen capping, making greeting cards from "The Bad Seed" stills, Blythe wardrobe overhauling, finishing my Girl Scout badge lamp shade, doing some insane cake decorating....maybe sleeping. Who knows? Pictures soon!

skool'z in

shit, mang. school starts in a few hours and i am exhausted. i TA 3 units, take 17 more and then i have a full-time job ghost-teaching psych 202 online allll night long.

i'd really like some adderall.

however, not all things blow. angel gave me a great new haircut which makes me look like keith richards' love child. heather lao airbrushed my nails with zebra stripes and i topped it off with a mini-spree at forever 21 and a fresh pair of kicks.

my new schedule really intimidates me. hey other kids starting back up at state: GOOD LUCK TODAY!

(that means you, barrios.)

if anyone would like to get together for maybe a late lunch on friday, let me know. too tired to capitalize anything properly.

lots of love,


p.s. i am so excited about blythe, elizabeth! i am going to wire you the money in the morning.